“Garbage in, what out?”

Application development is all about strategy. Use the right tools and resources, get to know the process and set a clear route for development. Every other process or exception must start and end with this route. This is the only way to ensure a flexible, reliable and high quality application.

Regarding application development, I can assist with:

  • In depth knowledge of application landscape architecture;
  • Project- and program management;
  • Software design.

Every project is based on thorough business analysis, supported by a team of developers and testers and will connect various data sources ensuring data quality.

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Microsoft Access

Besides large scale projects I have a passion for Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is a Rapid Application Development tool with its own database. Microsoft Access has a graphical user interface, making it easier for less experienced users to build a reporting tool while ensuring data quality. I have been building structured Microsoft Access solutions since 1995.