“He who controls the network, controls the data.”

My roots are in IT infrastructures. From the early beginning of the personal computer, using modems to connect to a BBS (bulletin board system) and the rise of MS DOS, MS Windows, Novell and Linux using technologies like Token ring, Apple Talk, Ethernet and WiFi. With the internet we have gained access to a massive amount of information and services. It has been estimated that the internet stores about 10.000.000 Petabytes and grows 70 Terabytes each second…

Currently we have the choice to own data-center(s) and/or use the cloud, but fact is that business will not be able to compete if they ignore the cloud. Finding the right balance between own data-centers and cloud services is the challenge of the modern CIO. When and how will I deploy Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or other IaaS, SaaS and PaaS providers?

Nowadays the internet has become the de-facto platform for networking and collaboration around the world, herewith CIO’s and CISO’s face new challenges to protect not only the infrastructure but also the data against data-leakage and ransom-ware.