“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.”

I’m Martin a people-oriented IT manager with 30 years of professional experience in IT infrastructure and software development. I have successfully set up IT departments, designed and implemented Transport Management Systems and numerous other IT projects.

Challenge me, because I need to be able to build, transform or implement, I thrive best during change processes. My ambition is to get things done and make people smile, whether it is an restructuring an IT organization, implement an Azure infrastructure or manage a software development project.

Furthermore, I have a passion for Microsoft Access. I am an Access “guru”, working with, and developing MS Access solutions since MS Access 2.0 (1993) and MS SQL Server 7.0 (1998). The power and flexibility of this product makes it possible for SMEs to be efficient and effective. I also believe there is a strong place for MS Access in a corporate environment. Superior business performance can only be accomplished with reliable data to support your decisions. 

How? Ask me… It might be quite an eyeopener.

I’m Martin, I’m HighFive!