” With SEEBURGER BIS you are cutting edge! “

Your advantage? Seamless integration of all your systems, applications, business partners and cloud services.

My first experience with systems integration was almost 20 years ago. I enabled JVC and SHARP to receive repair information and claims from repair centers. Followed by designing middle-ware for the automation of a webshop enabling the webshop automatically to publish and maintain 30.000+ articles. These first experiences really showed the possibilities of integration, it is that simple!

Year-to-date I have designed EDI and EAI architectures and led many integration projects. I have connected manufacturers and logistic providers
using different platforms, protocols and standards. I used Microsoft BizTalk, Seeburger BIS over HTTP(S), FTP and Email with EDIFACT, XML and other dialects.

SEEBURGER AG is one of the leading global specialists in EAI and EDI communications. Over 7800 customers in 50 countries rely on Seeburger solutions.

  • MFT (Managed File Transfer)
    Secure transmission of sensitive data between systems and/or people
    Connect applications and Cloud Services in real-time
  • B2B/EDI
    Industry-standard, choreographed and controlled exchange of business documents
  • IoT/Industry 4.0
    Embed machinery, plants and products into business processes
  • E-Invoicing
    Digitalization of inbound and outbound invoices
    Connect any ERP system seamlessly, take advantage of our deep SAP Integration