Why Enterprises Should use MS Access

Austria Center Vienna Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, Wenen, Oostenrijk

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Access 2016 enable us to accomplish our goals with less pain and greater accuracy. Within enterprises co-exist numerous processes and databases in SharePoint lists and Excel sheets created and maintained by (power) end users with good yet not great knowledge of what IT can bring. The classical solution and the reason […]


SEEBURGER Benelux Client Day 2017

Beekse Bergen Beekse Bergen 1, Hilvarenbeek, Nederland

As you all have seen – Digital transformation is a hot topic these days. More or less all Industries across the board are impacted by newly formed digitalized companies that are emerging at warp speed, gaining market share from existing companies who lack a digital business strategy supported by state-of-the-art technology. To enable Digital Transformation, […]


Moet Ik Wat Met De Cloud?

Smaak en Meer Govert van Wijnkade 20, Maassluis, Nederland

Vanuit ons netwerk krijgen wij als IT dienstverlener al jaren vragen over de cloud: Wanneer moeten wij naar de cloud? Waarom zouden wij dat doen? Hoe gaan we hier mee om? Is het wel veilig? Er is uiteindelijk geen ontkomen meer aan, elke organisatie vraagt zich op enig moment alleen nog af wanneer zij naar de cloud […]